World Collider is an urban research project that uses augmented reality as a medium to collide different worlds. By fusing the different worlds of East and West, fiction and real, the urban and the suburban, and the modern and the contemporary, the project aims to offer a new perspective on the way we view cities.

Our initial exploration focuses on the collision and fusion of East and West. By extracting unique elements of Tokyo as a 3D model and using it in AR, we can overwrite cities around the world with elements of Tokyo. Through creating an alternative "New Tokyo," we hope that it will provide an opportunity to consider the invasiveness of certain cultures and their resistance to it, as well as the elements that make a city unique.



Concept, Design, Development — Tomo Kihara
3D model data — sattak6, K, Tomo Kihara (CC BY 4.0 : Attribution)
Music — Craving Ending by Soft and Furious


S,M,L,XL — Rem Koolhaas & Bruce Mau (1995)
Tokyolization Project — Daigo Ishi Architects (2016)
Hyper Reality — Keiichi Matsuda (2016)